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Common Ground Clinics Philosphy & Goals
Through the years, Andy & Regina have developed, and are continually refining, the philosophy behind the Common Ground riding clinics. Each of their clinics and demonstrations provides them with new experiences and knowledge, which then helps shape their goals for each clinic participant. As a result, the Common Ground Clinics have become very popular, and the duo now give clinics across the country.



  • For riders of all disciplines and all levels to understand our Common Ground
  • The solid foundation for a clear working partnership between horse and rider pairs
  • The rider and horse must have an understanding that riding can be easy if the responsibility for the partnership are shared.  
  • It is the rider’s job to create clarity and define what is expected, so that it is respectful to all.
  • An equal partnership between horse and rider equates to a balance of responsibilities
  • To create win/win relationships between horse and rider
  • To enhance the horse’s potential, take no positives away
  • Build skills in a way that every rider can “feel” and support to their own given level

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  • To provide our participants with an educational, clear, and fun experience
  • To honor & respect each horse and rider’s partnership and journey
  • To keep in mind the individuality of each pairs progress
  • To provide tools & exercises that grow and expand with the increased knowledge and understanding of the pairs
  • To explain the relationships of the exercises to multiple disciplines




Regina & Andy speak at 2011 Steamboat Springs Common Ground Clinic   Regina speaks to participants at 2011 Common Ground Clinic


Common Ground Clinics